Our checklist helps you to start the probate process.
(You don't need everything on this page, but it helps.)

First steps

  • Has the death been registered?

    • Has the funeral been arranged?

  • The will and estate

  • Documents and details

    We recommend collecting these key documents.

    • The death certificate

    • The deceased's national insurance number

    • Date of birth and date of death

    • The will

    • Last tax return, if applicable

    • Names and addresses of executors or administrators

  • Statements and policies

    We recommend collecting and organising the deceased's documents before starting the probate process. 

    • The most recent bank statement for each account

    • The most recent savings and NS&I statements

    • Premium Bonds

    • Share certificates

    • Pension policy documents

    • Life assurance policy documents

    • Utility bills, phone bills and other bills

    • Credit and debit cards

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